Here toDo Good.

One device at a time. For our One planet. Now’s the time to do our part with what’s already in our hands. Our tech.

Trade in. Green up. Lower CO2.

We Pandas are working to reduce the amount of CO2 the way we know best:

With our 3-minute trade-in experience.

It’s a process we have mastered and streamlined down to the very last detail.
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With our 3-minutetrade-in experience.

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pandas contribution
pandas contribution

Global emissions of CO2 levels are on the rise.

Extending the life of smartphones can help with this ✌️

Pandas autonomous trade-in technology makes it easy for you to do good with your smartphone.

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Our planet’s sustainability is boosted by trade-ins.

By reusing, refurbishing or repurposing used devices we can reduce CO2 emissions.

Aside from all the money you can save, your choice to trade in a device is a positive action that promotes responsible consumption and production patterns.

We Support

responsible consumption and production
climate action
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Think of every trade-in as a future CO2 shrinker

For every smartphone that’s traded in, our planet is freed from ≈60kg of CO2 📱🔄✅

Throwing away used tech or not disposing of it properly is having a negative impact on our planet as well as the economy.

To combat climate change, things need to change right now. We all need to act smart about CO2 and do some good for our planet.

We Pandas believe in the potential of every trade-in and the value it creates for the environment and users. That’s why we strive to create awareness about the amount of CO2 emissions that are saved with every trade-in and plant a tree for every smartphone we receive.

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Deforestation is bad news.

Fewer 🌳🌳🌳 mean excess CO2.
The good news is you can
help us turn 📱📱📱 into 🌳🌳🌳

We have joined forces with TreeApp to create the Pandas Forest in Lunguza, Tanzania.

The Planting Site fringes the mountainous Usambara region - The ranges are approx. 90 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide. The Usambara Mountain Ranges are known as a global biodiversity hotspot and supply surrounding areas with nutritious soil, clean water sources & clean air.

This action will positively impact the environment while also creating job opportunities for hundreds of people living in the area.

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Check out the Forest riiiiiiight here.

Do you see a tree with your name on it? No? Time to plant it. All it takes is a trade-in.

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10,240 trees planted so far

25kg of CO2 per tree reduction per year

An expanding network of Pandas

pandas network

By increasing trade-in rates we can reduce CO2 emissions EVEN MORE. Through the Pandas platform and community, we aim to mobilize people and key partners all over the world to keep doing more and more good with every trade-in.

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Join the movement

A growing group of partners is doing their part to contribute to a more sustainable future. Discover what our autonomous trade-in tech can do for you.