Our Manifesto


For tech that lives on. For all. For good.

Around 1 billion smart devices are lying around switched off and unused. Meanwhile 3 billion people across the globe don’t have access to the latest technology. This fosters unequal distribution. And what about all that e-waste?

This is the world we live in. But how sustainable is this? Let’s rethink how we treat tech. We Pandas are here to maximize the life cycle of tech saving tons of extra Co2. It’s time to Bridge the technology gap Give back and receive more Create value from what’s already in our hands We’re revolutionizing the second-hand tech market. Because we rebel against the long process of trade-in, turning it into a 3’ experience. We exist to give tech an extra ❤️, while people save 💰 and do good 🍃

We are Pandas.

Want to streamline your trade-in program?