Tap and trade-in.
From anywhere.

And straight from your customers' phone.

Powered byPandas One+
A Web Grading App to enable fast, intuitive, and accurate trade-ins

The Pandas Web Grading App solution allows your customers to grade their smartphone device from anywhere, making trade-in easy and fun to do. Powered by the Pandas One+ engine, it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing website or app. Slow, opaque, and complicated trade-in journeys are now a thing of the past.

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More accurate quotes with real-time cosmetic grading.

Open the Web Grading App. Find a mirror. Snap a picture of your phone. It’s that simple. The Pandas One+ innovative AI & human intelligence will grade the cosmetic condition of your customers’ device in no time.

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An engaging CX that won't leave your customers confused.

A fast and intuitive UI that is user-centric, engaging customers with gamified checks. Every detail of the Pandas Web Grading App is designed to offer an outstanding UX that can increase your NPS.

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Easily integrated for a fast time-to-market.

Forget lengthy and complex integrations to your infrastructure. The Pandas Web Grading App can seamlessly become part of your existing website or app in no time.

Cutting-edge technologyin the palm of your customers

Hybrid grading with AI and human graders
Fast evaluation of hardware and software components
Intuitive, gamified user steps that will delight your customers
Grading system that gets smarter with every trade-in
Real-time cosmetic grading

Provide the ultimate remote grading experience

The Pandas Web App is based on a modular principle: to create the easiest, most fun, and frustration-free grading experience for your users. This is how it works:

Load the Pandas Web Grading App

Direct your users to the Web App through a simple link or by integrating it in your own app via SDK. No downloads needed.

Play through a series of gamified steps

Your customers are guided through a series of easy and fun gamified checks that assess the device’s hardware and software components as well as its cosmetic condition.

Get the device’s value & trade-in options

In a matter of minutes, the Web Grading App issues a binding quote for your customer. They can complete the trade-in by visiting a store or arranging for a pick-up.

Reflect any phone's true cosmetic condition

With our mirror-assisted grading system.

Snap a picture of your device’s front and back side using a mirror. Our AI & human intelligence will do the rest spotting cracks, scratches, and dents.

Create WOWtrade-in moments

That guarantee to increase your NPS.

Every detail of the Pandas Web Grading App is designed to offer an outstanding UX and an intuitive trade-in experience. From the simple gamified grading steps to the fast and transparent device evaluation. So that you empower your customers to trade in with confidence.

Give out detailed device reports with every grading

Every evaluation comes with a detailed analysis of the device’s true condition so you can nurture transparent relationships with your customers.

Biometrics Sensor Inspection

Face or Fingerprint or Touch ID

Battery Health Evaluation

Algorithmic identification

Data Safety Inspection

Blacklist status, Find My iPhone ON/OFF

Sensors Evaluation

Gyroscope, Accelerometer

Core Systems Inspection

Motherboard, Digitizer, LCD Pixels, Speakers, Microphone, Volume, Front & Back Cameras

Cosmetic Condition Evaluation

Cracks, scratches,dents, chips and frame using the phone’s cameras and a mirror

Online Identification of IMEI

Make, Model, Capacity, Color, Activation date

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Powered by
Pandas One+

The Pandas Web Grading App is powered by PandasOne+, the proprietary engine behind the trade-in intelligence.

AI + Human intelligence that gets smarter with every transaction

Centralized database of all trade-in interactions

Tool suite for reporting, monitoring, marketing, and pricing

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Level up your trade-in game with Pandas.