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Pandas Courier: the new service for remote trade-in

Trading in a smartphone is now easier than ever. The Pandas team is very proud to announce the launch of our new service, Pandas Courier! 🤩🥂

Customers can now trade in their smartphones conveniently, quickly, and securely, no matter where they are based with our new remote service. It’s the latest addition in our portfolio of trade-in solutions, alongside the Pandas Kiosk, now in more than 75 locations in partner stores within Greece, Cyprus, and Poland, the Pandas Scooter for easy trade-in from home, and the Pandas Web App, our most complete, technologically advanced online option. 

And as with every Pandas product, our Courier service is designed to offer an utmost  user-friendly experience. Just 5 simple steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Complete an initial device evaluation to receive a quote.
  3. Select payment by cash.
  4. Confirm your location.
  5. Select a day and time for the courier pickup.

Worry not, because we’re saving our customers from all the tedious courier arrangements. They simply have to choose when they want to have their smartphone picked up. Pandas will take care of the rest thanks to our API communication with our courier partners.

The entire process has been streamlined, once the Pandas team receives a smartphone in our grading facilities 💪.


Within 1 working day, we are able to make a final evaluation and contact the user with our offer, based on the condition of the device! If satisfactory, we go ahead with an immediate cash deposit to their bank account. If not, we return the device free of charge, no-questions-asked.

We believe that trading in a smartphone should be as carefree as buying it. The Pandas Courier service brings us one step closer to our mission to transform the trade-in market by offering advanced solutions that cater to every need. We can’t wait to show you what more we can do. Stay tuned! 🙌

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