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Meet Grant Burton, our new Chief Operating Officer!

We are delighted to announce that Grant Burton has joined Pandas as Chief Operating Officer. Having previously worked as CFO at ecoATM and SVP Ops at Hyla Mobile, Grant’s 25-year long technology career highlights his expertise in the mobile device trade-in market. His addition to our senior management team will further amplify our ambitious goal to accelerate buyback growth on a global scale.

As a strategic thinker who loves working collaboratively to foster innovation, Grant was struck by how pioneering the Pandas technology is as well as the culture that we have cultivated as a team. Now, his mission in his new role is to “bring our unique product to a global audience, driving a 100% circular economy with a positive impact on the environment”.

Grant marks many notable achievements in his career, having worked with some of the biggest players in the trade-in market. One of the highlights was leading the team that developed the first large-scale reverse supply chain capability for wireless operator trade-in programs, which resulted in an 8-fold increase in the annual processing capacity to over 10 million devices in under a year. Outstanding, indeed!

As he mentions, he loves “the energy, creativity, complexity, and sense of achievement involved in doing things that have never been done before.”

Outside work, Grant enjoys traveling and has a passion for music, listening to all kinds of popular music from the 50s to the 70s on vintage stereo equipment.

We’re very excited about what Grant is bringing to the table and what the future holds for Pandas!

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